Cleveland Sex Therapy

Cleveland Sex Therapy

Nurturing Sex Positivity & Inclusivity

Our Mission

We want to nurture sex positivity and inclusivity amongst all clients. We live in a world where sex negativity is rampant. If you do not prescribe to monogamy and are not heterosexual, you can feel this immense pressure to conform to ideologies you do not agree with in this world. That's where Cleveland Sex Therapy is here to help.

Shame is a parasite. It latches onto us, drains us, reprograms us, and lives in the shadows of our souls waiting for its next moment to attack. Luckily, we all have the antidote. Talking about your thoughts and feelings can shine a light on your shame and push it out of your system. When it comes to sexuality, physical intimacy, and sexual health, there is no one way that someone has to live for it to be considered “normal” or “natural.” Our mission is to help you understand this and create a life that aligns with your true, authentic self.

Our Services

At Cleveland Sex Therapy we want to be sure that we have services for all walks of life that's why we offer:

Individual Sessions

Couples Sessions (Including Polyamorous Relationships)

LGBTQIA+ Sessions

Supervision for Therapists & Counselors

Public Speaking on Sex & Sex Therapy

Not Ready for Therapy yet?

Our Owner, Matt Lachman, has curated a series of documents for you that you can use outside of therapy

All of these documents are for personal use only and can be purchased through our shop:

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